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  • the-great-golf-retreat

    The Great Golf Retreat

    Nothing's more relaxing and suave than a round of Golf. That topped with a fun and refreshing day outing defines a getaway like no other. And guess what, experience this awesomeness right here in Hyderabad with Novotel...

  • sunday-brunch

    Sunday Brunch

    What better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in Hyderabad than surrounded by lush greenery, with children’s laughter and the sizzle of barbecues in the background? Treat yourself to a day of rest and revitalisation...

  • lunch-box

    Lunch Box

    Choose from mouth watering and healthy lunch boxes featuring an 8 menu selection of cuisines from around the world, delivered on-time to your work place. ~ Healthy Box - Stay fit with our healthy lunch box menu...


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